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Speedfol™ Cotton SP and Ultrasol® K Increase Cotton Yield up to 32% in India.

In 2012, at the Seed Technology Research Unit farm in Rahuri, Maharashtra, India, a field trial compared the effects of foliar applied Speedfol™ Cotton SP (±11% NO3, 38% K2O, 3% MgO, 0,5% boron, 1% zinc), foliar applied Ultrasol® K, and water only on cotton yield. The trial field totalled 21 plots: 3 foliar treatments and 7 replicates. Identical amounts of K were applied with 2 kg Ultrasol® K per 100 l/spray and 2,4 kg Speedfol™ Cotton SP per 100 l/per spray. In total, 4 sprays were applied, starting after boll formation with a 10 days interval. Table 1 shows the soil characteristics of the trial field prior to the first spray.

Table 1. Soil characteristics of the cotton trial field.






0,30 ds/m

C organic


N available

182 kg/ha

P available

23 kg/ha

K available

672 available

Fe disponible

5,2 ppm

Mn available

5,4 ppm

Zn available

1,2 ppm

Cu available

2,3 ppm

Table 2. Morpho-physiological characteristics for the 3 foliar treatments.


Sympodial branches per plant

Bolls per plant

Weight of 5 bolls (g)


12,5 a

28,1 a

28,1 a

Ultrasol® K

14,3 b

31,6 b

33,3 b

Speedfol™ Cotton SP

14,9 c

33,9 c

33,6 c

CD (P=0,05)




Figure 1. Total seed+lint cotton yield (kg/ha).

The 3 treatments produced dark green leaves and no nutrient deficiencies were observed, but, the infestation of major diseases such as Alternaria and physiological plant disorders were more present in the plots sprayed with water. The final plant height was not affected by the treatments. For all other analyzed plant growth and yield parameters, Speedfol™ Cotton SP and Ultrasol® K outperformed the control, whereas Speedfol™ Cotton SP had the best scores (Table 2). Figure 1 shows the total yield for the 3 foliar treatments. With Speedfol™ Cotton SP the yield increased by 31,6% (530 kg lint+seed yield/ha), compared with the control. It can be concluded that the presence of Mg, B and Zn in the Speedfol™ Cotton SP formulation increased cotton yield with 4,8%, compared with Ultrasol® K.

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